Our Process

The “Excelsior Way” is a time-phased approach to conducting a preliminary assessment; proposing goals, performance measures of success, and prioritized recommendations; piloting a ‘proof of concept’, implementing an action plan; and hardwiring performance improvement.

Our Capabilities

EHG applies a proven effective implementation framework and evidence-based process improvement methods to narrow the gap between the current baseline and the desired end-state goals.


Excelsior HealthCare Group conducts a comprehensive rapid assessment to identify or validate, then prioritize performance improvement opportunities, as well as any barriers to achieving them. Appropriate baselines and benchmarks are established through data and document analysis, then realistic recommendations and measures of success are presented to leadership.

Excelsior HealthCare Group doesn’t just repackage data and information shared during the initial assessment. We take the time to examine and understand the root cause and rate-limiting factors behind the issues.


Excelsior HealthCare Group develops a detailed action plan with a proposed timeline and milestone events to monitor progress and drive accountability. In collaboration with key stakeholders, our team will establish performance improvement opportunities, empower staff and facilitate decision-making and action at the appropriate organizational level, and create a dashboard with validated baseline and target measures of success is developed to promote transparency, direction, and accountability.

Each plan is customized and tailored to fit the specific approach. There is no templated ‘one size fits all approach.


Excelsior HealthCare Group will perform a rapid cycle test (RCT) pilot to provide a proof of concept, engage key stakeholders, identify any barriers to implementation, enables quick wins, and expose limitations in the plan on a smaller scale rather than trying to ‘boil the ocean’.

Based on the degree of success of the rapid cycle test, the changes are then permanently hardwired into the process, modified for further testing, or discarded as a bad idea.

Approval to advance to the Implementation Phase will be based on a go/no go mutual approval and acceptance of the proposed scope of work.


Excelsior HealthCare Group will provide dedicated and capable ‘boots on the ground’ implementation support to increase temporary bandwidth. Every consultant serves as a Chief Implementation Officer. The Implementation Phase provides both on-site and off-site project management to operationalize and support achieving the goals and objectives resulting from the Pilot Phase.

The Implementation timeline is based on the final approved scope of work, complexity, availability, and other factors impacting operationalization.

Measure, Monitor, and

Measure, Monitor, and Manage

Excelsior Healthcare Group will establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to collect, validate, and report to the key stakeholders in order to effectively monitor and manage achieving the goals outlined in the Assessment Phase. Periodic, internal check-in reviews with the key stakeholders are scheduled to promote cross-team communication, collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

Additional advisory and consultative support can be provided, as needed or on a retainer basis, which could include, but is not limited to: performance assessment, project management, leadership training and development, and executive leadership coaching.